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Venture Renewable Energy (VRE) works with major players in the financial, combustion controls and energy sectors within the UK and world-wide, and has expertise across a wide range of fuels application.


Approval for development of bio-power project

Venture Renewable Energy (VRE), have successfully secured approval to develop up to 5MWe Waste-to-Energy project in the sub-Sahara Africa region. This will be VRE’s first energy capital construction project in the region, with potential similar energy projects in the pipeline.

Following recent site survey and due diligence studies, VRE is in discussion with a state Government and technology providers for the development of bio-power projects in a country in the sub-Saharan African region.

VRE provided a review and assessment of the emission control plant processes such as FGD, Bag filters and potential efficiency upgrade on biomass conversion project for a UK coal-fired power station.  This study is to allow for the provision of an engineering risk assessment and capital scheme appraisal for full boiler biomass conversion, and thus the station benefiting from full ROCs price to burn biomass.

VRE provided advice on investment possibilities in relation to UK Energy/Utilities infrastructure to a reputable financial company looking for investment in “High Impact” infrastructure projects.

As part of our contribution to the community and Corporate Social Responsibility, VRE regularly provides workshops and talks to local secondary school students on “Developing Nations Renewables”.  The aim is to engage and enthuse students about the future of renewable energy, clean energy and sustainable development.

VRE was asked to conduct an Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) feasibility study for a company with several building locations across the country. This is mandatory requirement for all eligible companies in UK comply and notify by 5 December 2015. As a qualified ESOS Lead Energy Assessor, this was an opportunity to put this competency into practice.

Following from the recent growth in the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) – biogas sector in the UK, VRE has been working with UK project developer for a piece of the action.

The work involves:

  • Project development – due diligence study, techno-economic appraisal, risk evaluation and business plan
  • Process engineering, technology, cost impact and compliance issues
  • Proposal development – Interface with various technology suppliers, regulators/local authorities and reference plant AD and/or biogas operators

Venture Renewable Energy (VRE)

We provide expertise on mitigation technological solutions to resolve emission challenges for the power and utility plant sectors.  Our expertise covers fossil-fuel fired boilers such as Coal, Oil, Gas, Petroleum coke, Orimulsion and Biomass (residues or pellets).

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